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May 17, 2007



I don't think it's uncommon for MS appraisal services, editorial services, literary consultancies to have close relationships with publishers---however these relationships originate---nor for a writer's work to be recommended by one of these enterprises to a publisher. And I think most writers expect to pay for the services of appraisers/consultants, but not for publishers or agents. A difficulty only arises when the SOLE pathway to a publisher is through the (pre-)paid services of someone else, which is definitely NOT the case with PaperBooks. There are numerous sources of advice (and specific "alerts" warning against unscrupulous practice)available to writers, on the net, through writers' associations, and from ethical publishers, agents, consultants, etc. Relax; everything looks fine from this writer's side of the fence.

Gary Davison

I've used Writing Limited on more than one occassion to have an appraisal done (very good and honest appraisal at that), and there was never a mention or indication that there was a possibility of publication through paper books if I was up to scratch. Every writer using an appraisal service, if they're being honest with themselves, hopes that their work is going to be so mind blowing that the appraisal company will recommend that it be published. Better still, wake the publishers up in the middle of the night brandishing the next big thing. No harm in that, like there is no harm in Writing Limited letting writers know that they have contacts in the right places should the near impossible happen and your book IS the next big thing.

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