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April 26, 2007


Dee Weaver

Until a few months ago I shared a house with two ghosts. I believe they were the first occupants when the house was built towards the end of the 19thC. It was a three-storey house, and they *lived* on the top floor. After a few spooky encounters we came to a sort of unspoken agreement; we didn’t go up to the top floor after dark, and they didn’t come downstairs while we were in the house. It worked fine, they were no trouble, and I was sorry to leave them behind when we moved out.

Dee Weaver

What's causing the hieroglyphics? They weren't there in the preview.

Dee Weaver

Oh lord, they've gone... how embarrassing. Sorry, I'll go away now. Feel free to delete this drivel... ;)


Don't worry - keeps happening to me all of the time! Thanks for the ghost story though!

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