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April 27, 2007



It looks impressive and I love the advances in technology that we're living through at the mo, but somehow I just can't get my head round reading a book from a screen. Whenever I try to read long articles on the monitor I end up having to take frequent breaks because it's hurting my head so much. The human eyes (well mine anyway) are just not designed to glare at moving pixels, plus I get that awful sense that I'm not getting anywhere with reading on a computer. Where are the pages to turn manually, the shifting weight of the book in each hand as you move through it, the...I think I need help too! I'm just a traditionalist, I think, I love the feel and look of books, especially when they stack up on my bookshelves in my own special tbr arrangement! I'll just go back to my dusty basement now and dream about book jackets, fine print and stitching...

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