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March 30, 2007


Peter Coupe

I still use traditional 'real' bookshops as well as buying online. I know I will almost certainly be paying more for books in a bricks and mortar outlet, but I worry sometimes that we could find ourselves in a similar position to small shops vs supermarkets if we don't support small bookshops. So, it costs a bit more - but at least we still have the choice!


I have been told I eat books and I don't believe that to make me sad. I buy books where ever I can. Mostly from cheap book shops, however I do admit, that the selection is obviously very limited, most commercial etc. When I want something different its Waterstones, Otterker,Smiths then I don't mind paying straight price for what I want. I am also a writer of teen horror!

John Cruz

I have purchased a lot of books recently and I have to say they have all been online through Am**on. It is the conveniencec of next day delivery combined with the huge range of in stock books, which you simply dont get from local bookshops. Also where i live all the shops shut at 5.30pm just as I am leaving work, which means i would have to wait until the very busy weekends to buy my new books!

Maidy Clark

I do buy a lot of books on line, purely because of the convenience. However, if I am buying a novel, I will try to make the time to visit a bookshop. And I never buy books in supermarkets on principle.

Dee Weaver

I hate to say it, but I buy most of my books online. In the last five minutes I've ordered one from the Book Depository � and I only looked in to see if there was any LBF news! I write �commercial� fiction (sadly still unpublished and my latest rejection is being delayed by aforesaid LBF) so I devour books wherever I can lay my hands on them. For chancy purchases, I frequent our local remainder shop, and we have two pretty good second-hand book shops in the area. I would love to support the solitary indie shop in town, but it just can't compete on range or price.


I tend to use Tesco's a lot, i have never bought a book online but i might try it one day. I like to get good books as cheap as possible so i try to avoid wh smith or the nore expensive books shops. There is some books shops i have used in the past buying 3 for 2 sometimes but they all seem to be going out of business.


It's funny though it does seem to be true that on-line should be helping the indies. By having a really good websit to support their shop, they are able to get more ordes and perhaps more specific orders of people looking for rarer titles etc. The other thing about on-line is that the shop can build up a database of customers which they couldn't do in their bricks and mortar shop. They can then email them with special offers and events etc. Data in this day and age seem to be one of th emost valuable things any of us can have.

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